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Today Carl remembers his first visit to Lake Martin as a teenager. Carl was invited to spend a week at "The Lake" with his then girlfriend, Ramona, and her parents. Well, that was a long time ago and both romances continue. The love of "The Lake" and his love for Ramona.

Here's How It Went...
Carl and Ramona completed high school, got married, attended the University of Alabama and started careers. Carl in sales, Ramona at home with their first, then second, then third and finally fourth child. All through this time, every chance Carl and his family had, they returned to Lake Martin. Like a magnet, they were drawn back, time after time.

The family continued to grow and change. His oldest child was now married and grandchild number one was on the way. Another generation was arriving to enjoy Lake Martin. Wow! Just think, Ramona's parents, Carl and Ramona, their children and now their children's children. What a wonderful life, all enjoying "The Lake".

The New Beginning...
When Carl's youngest child left for college out of state, guess what happened? They began to spend three and four nights a week at "The Lake". After much discussion they decided to try full time lake living just to see if they could handle the 30-mile drive to their offices in Montgomery. Well, it turned out the life was worth the drive.

The Rest of the Story...
Now with his first cup of coffee in hand, Carl walks onto the deck of his home overlooking the most beautiful lake he has ever seen. It's quiet, but for the songbirds, and the light breeze that moves the tops of the one-hundred-foot tall trees. Looking at the reflections in the water, Carl's memory travels back over all those years, and all those times to and from the lake. Now he is here and only leaves home when he wants to. Trips to church and church activities, maybe a children's play, baseball game, football game or a fun day at school. The rest of the time Carl is a full-time real estate agent and when possible he hunts and fishes. Each morning Carl looks forward to applying his years of sales and service experience in the field of helping others with their real estate needs. Ramona commutes daily, where she continues her real estate career of many years in the Montgomery market.

A Final Word...
So, when you are ready to buy or sell your next property in the Lake Martin area, turn to Carl Hopson for friendly, professional service. He knows the Lake Martin lifestyle and can help make your move successful. When you are around Carl, you will know he loves what he is doing and the results will speak for themselves. With Carl, you can "Discover a place to live!" And it is easier than you think. Call Carl today and arrange a private tour of Lake Martin. It could be a life-changing experience.

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