About Lake Martin

Martin Dam

  ...on the Tallapoosa River was completed in 1926 to generate electricity. Located in East-Central Alabama within traveling distance of several large cities, the giant body of pristine water now known as Lake Martin spreads over 44,000 acres and boasts over 750 miles of shoreline. At one time the largest man-made lake east of the Mississippi, Lake Martin remains largely undeveloped.
Lake Martin Dam

Fall.. winter.. spring...

As little as you may think about it, Lake Martin is a year-round place to be. If you desire peace, quiet and serenity, you may find that it's right here. Even winter, with it's mild days, can afford opportunities to sit out or just gather around the fire and enjoy the stillness. If you haven't thought about that part of lake living, you need to.

Summer Days

...filled with all kinds of activities.
Children's Harbor Antique Boat and Car Show
Swimming, fishing, boating, skiing, dining out or cooking out... all the things you can think of doing when sunshine and water mix. You could be that person who likes to play a round or two of golf or a game of tennis, or maybe just sit in that rocker or hammock forgetting yesterday and relax, relax, relax.

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Space for you is just waiting. Even with recent development of the Lake Martin area, much of the lake and shoreline is still wide open. You may even venture into an area of the lake and wonder if anyone has ever been there before you. There are several restricted, gated communities around Lake Martin but also many, many privately-owned single-family homes and lots available.

Retirement... If not today, then someday. There are so many reasons Lake Martin could be the full-time retirement spot for you. If you had a place on Lake Martin now, you could be checking it out for retirement later, while you and your family enjoy it now. If you have already retired or are planning retirement soon, let's go take a look and see if Lake Martin fits your lifestyle. "If you appreciate the difference between living and lake living... we need to meet!"

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